Micratech, LLC develops and manufactures rapid tests for the Life Sciences research market. Our products simplify the way laboratory assays are being performed. Our ability to provide consistent product performance along with the ease of use formats, translate into valuable savings for your research in both time and effort. Our strip assays can be used to detect both large and small molecules in either a sandwich or competitive format.


Micratech, LLC have a number of new products in the pipeline that include an expansion of our product line into monitoring disease states in animals and rapid detection of labelled proteins.

Our management team has over 40 years of cumulative experience in research and product development for both diagnostic and research biochemical companies. This experience gives us a unique advantage in understanding the needs and concerns research laboratories face trying to minimize costs and yet maximizing the efficiency of everyday laboratory assays.

Market Focus Our primary market focus is in the life sciences research market. Our first two product introductions simplify the detection and characterization of mouse monoclonal antibodies.

Custom Design At Micratech, we will gladly custom develop and manufacture to your specifications any rapid assay in either microtiter plate or strip format. Our expertise encompasses immobilizing antibodies, enzymes, and other proteins to latex, gold sols, and various membrane solid supports that can be used as capture, detection, or delivery systems depending on your assay needs. Our pilot-scale freeze-drying capabilities gives us an added dimension in our assay development.